It’s football season, which means every Saturday and Sunday, your home’s TV becomes an essential gathering point in your home. Sadly, in the Sacramento, Antelope, and North Highlands area, autumn is also thunderstorm season. So how can you protect your expensive TV from electrical surges and storms? The electrical experts at Lecair Electric have the answer.

What Do I Need To Protect My Television from Electrical Surges?

Electrical surges—whether from lightning strikes or otherwise—are easy to prepare for with proper equipment. And if you’ve spent four figures on a television, it might just be worth the investment! You can protect your TV from a power surge in two ways: by installing a dedicated circuit and/or installing a whole-home surge protector.

Your dedicated circuit for your TV will make sure that your TV isn’t having its power leached from other electronics in your home, making its sound and picture clearer, while the whole-home surge protector will protect your TV from lightning strikes and power surges.

What’s the best way to protect your home from power surges?

Effectively defending your home from power surges requires a two-step approach: first, outfitting it with a whole-home surge protector, then using surge-protected outlets and power strips indoors. Both types of surge protectors act essentially like pressure relief valves, diverting excess energy away and restoring normal operation once levels regulate.

Whole-home surge protectors are usually wired to a service panel and are designed to stop surges of at least 40,000 amps, though larger ones can be installed. Pairing them with individual plug-in surge protectors should do a good job of catching any potentially damaging energy that may get into your home.

Like many safety-related things, whole-home surge protectors are appliances you buy and hope to never actually use. But all it takes is a single downed line or big lightning strike to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home—not worth the risk!

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