When you think of electrical work, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? We’d like to think that Lecair Electric is the first thing that pops up. But hey, we’re realists. You think of stress, you think of frustration, and mostly think of the money involved. With this in mind, it can be pretty easy to want to contact that “friend of a friend” that dabbles in electric work, right?

Well, the experts at Lecair would like to have a little talk about that. And not just the DIY buddy you may have; we’d like to discuss disreputable and unofficial Sacramento electrician “companies” as well. Trust our word we we say these kinds of solutions can do more harm than good!

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What Qualifies as a Disreputable Electrician?

We’ve discussed this at length in the past, so we’ll stick to the cliff notes here. Disreputable electricians in Sacramento are any that lack current, in-state licensing. Those that carry no official, genuine documents, and those that operate from unmarked vehicles. These types of companies also often ask for cash up front, and are just as likely to disappear as to do the project they were hired for.

The Dangers of Unofficial or Unlicensed Wiring

When you’re looking to hire electricians in Sacramento, keep in mind that you’re putting a huge amount of your personal assets and heath on the line. By dealing with a company that isn’t recognized, you risk:

  • Improper wiring.Wire work is exceedingly delicate. Anything touching something it shouldn’t be, or connecting something incorrectly can lead to loss of appliances, and even a full-blown electrical fire.
  • Uninsured work.Accidents happen. And if you’ve been dealing with a company that isn’t a company, or the gentleman down the street that knows a thing or two? It’s coming out of your wallet.
  • Loss of property.When we mentioned that you might lose an appliance if your wiring is handled poorly, we didn’t mean it might happen. It’s almost certain to. The equipment in your home operates off of very specific measurements of power. That means too much or too little, and you’re looking at power surges and lost property real quick.

The Benefits Of Working With Reputable Sacramento Electricians

Beyond dodging all of those issues we listed above, working with professional, certified electricians will net you:

  • When you hire electricians in Sacramento that are insured and certified, you know your project is guaranteed. To be done well, done effectively, and done on time. That means less stress, both now, and in the future.
  • Clear communication.When you choose a company like Lecair Electric, you’re notified of every nuance of the job. Costs are laid out, communication is open, and you know the how and why of every decision.
  • Lasting benefits.Building a rapport and long term business relationship with a trusted electrician can make new wiring into a much less frustrating experience. You know who to call, and you can trust that we can take care of you in a flash.

Professional Wiring with Lecair Electric

If you’re looking to hire electricians in Sacramento that can provide you with peerless, effective electrical services, look no further. Contact the experts at Lecair today to set your appointment!