Many people believe that the only time they need to call an electrician is when something is wrong in their home. That’s not true! There are a number of quick and easy jobs you can call an electrician for that can make you more comfortable and make your home safer and more efficient—changes you can make without breaking the bank!

  • Light fixtures – want to remodel a bedroom, family room, or den? Before you start knocking down walls, think of what a difference new lighting will make! With so many designs and styles of lighting, including recessed lighting and track lighting, you can create a truly new look without even changing the paint!
  • Ceiling fans – there’s not a lot that a new ceiling fan can’t do. Adding a ceiling fan to your bedroom or living room can help lower your heating and cooling costs, improve airflow in the room, and even add a touch of style. There are a huge number of ceiling fan designs and styles to choose from, including those that double as lights. Fans circulate air and keep things from getting stuffy and hot in the summer months, and stuffy and cold in the winter months!
  • Bathroom fans – adding or upgrading exhaust fans is an oft-overlooked home improvement job that can actually make your home much safer and more comfortable. Bathroom fans pull in moisture from the bathroom when you take a shower (or from steam in the kitchen when cooking), which prevents water damage and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. There are now bath fans available that include lights and heaters to add some warmth and light to your bathroom as well.

Upgrading your electrical system doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your home’s wiring or something equally major—a few minor tweaks can get you saving money and living more comfortably, day in and day out! If you’re interested in any electrical upgrades in your home, call Lecair Electric today!